Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sorry, I've been so busy.

I'm sorry that I haven't gotten anything posted here in a while. I have been super busy! I went to the Operation Christmas Child Global Connect conference in Orlando, FL in early April. I was gone for 6 days. We had such a wonderful time that it is so hard to express how good it was. I told a few people that the only way it could have been better was to be in heaven at the throne of Jesus.

I learned so many things about my volunteer job of the Church Relations team and I have been very busy trying to get that all going. If you are interested, you can check out my FB page on it at

I'm also working on a cirriculum for our summer mission trip to Galveston. We will be doing the street camps again. They've asked me to work up stories, etc from Genesis. I'll try to post the sheep that I made with instructions in a day or two. It's not cardmaking or scrapbooking but it is a cute craft.

I will have to be making my May birthday cards soon so as soon as I do, I'll get those posted too. I usually do multiples of one or two cards but maybe I can get a few more done. I also need to scrapbook a ton of pictures of my crafty friends & I on our road trip last week.

Again, sorry for not getting ideas on here. I'll try to do better.
If you are interested in cirriculum for street camps, I've post some on my other blog "Out of Captivity." You will find the link to it on the bottom right side bar. Anything that I have posted there is free for you to use.

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