Monday, December 29, 2014

My Best Friend Cards

I absolutely love the Quick Cards made Easy that comes every month from Great Britian! It's a really great card making magazine with lots of great ideas and techniques. And that's not to mention the great gift that comes with every issue! My problem, though, is that so many of their cards are squares instead of the A4 that I'm used to. I usually just adapt their designs to the size that I have always worked with. One reason I like to work with that size is because I can find envelopes for my cards in many places. I have a harder time finding the envelopes for the square shapes so, if I make a square card, that means I have to make my envie also!

Well, in the issue (Jan. 2015, #135) that I just received came the cutest ready stamped designs to use!

However, they are really too big to look good on my typical 4 1/4 x 5 1/2" card. Of course, the mag had them on 15 x 15 cm cards. For all of us who didn't grow up with metric, that's just about 6 x 6" on the card size. The stamp that came with it is a better size for my regular cards but I still want to use these cute designs! So I decided to tackle a square 6 x 6" card. Now you might have a far better way to do it but this is what I did!

Materials needed:
My Best Friend ready-stamped designs
Pastel chalks
Q-tip or chalk applicator
8 1/2 x 11" white card stock
6 x 6" patterned paper, Gingham Gardens from SU!
Island Indigo card stock 4 1/4 x 5 1/2"
Baked Brown Sugar card stock 4 x 5"

1. Most of the pre-colored designs in this pad have girls with white hair. You can certainly use them like that but I decided I wanted some color to the hair. I used a q-tip to put pastel chalk on the sheet for their hair. I found several shades that looked good in my SU! Stampin' Pastels (retired) but I'm sure that any chalks that you have will have some great colors. After I did the color, I did a quick spray over the chalk with a tiny bit of hair spray. The hair spray will prevent the chalk from smearing. It's not acid free but I don't worry about that on my cards. (just on my scrapbooking) Give the hair spray a couple minutes to dry.
2. The designs are 4 x 5 3/4" so I trimmed a bit off, close to the design. I felt that it fit better that way but you don't want to cut off any of the cute design.
3. With my sheet of white card stock, I used my paper trimmer to cut a piece 6 x 6" in size. That left me a piece 5 x 8 1/2" and a piece 2 1/2 x 6". The smaller piece I put aside to use for other items. The 5 x 8 1/2" piece, I scored and folded at 4 1/4".
4. I adhered the Baked Brown Sugar card stock onto the Island Indigo at an angle. And then I adhered the Best Friend design on top of that.
5. I adhered this part onto the folded 5 x 4 1/4" card fold white.
The Island Indigo is slightly larger than the folded piece but (IMO) that really doesn't matter.
6. I adhered a 6 x 6 " piece of patterned paper onto the 6 x 6" piece of white card stock. This gives it more strength and stability. They I adhered the smaller "card" fold onto the 6x6 piece.
I am not going to try to make a 6 x 6" card that opens since that would require 12x 12" paper or making tabs and gluing it. I just made the opening to be on the top card part.
I hope that this makes sense to you because it is something that I usually don't do but it's always good to try new things! Now, I need to go make an envie to use to mail the card before my January birthdays start up!
If you are interested in Quick Cards Made Easy go to their website here.

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