Friday, February 27, 2015

Wild and Crazy Puppets

Here is my hand puppet that I mentioned a few days ago.
I know it does look a little wild. I didn't have a pattern or directions on how to make this so I was really playing it by ear. I drew a simple pattern around my hand for this. It took me three tries to get the hair on it  but here is what I did. I looped fuzzy yarn around my fingers. Then I laid it on the head of the puppet on the inside. I had wrong sides together. (Felt really doesn't have a wrong side but this is what would be on the inside when finished.) I sewed with my machine about 1/4" from the edge of the puppet all the way around except the bottom opening. After it was sewn, I turned it. I clipped the loops in the yarn for the hair. I used left over pieces of felt for clothes, mouth and nose and glued them on with white glue. The eyes are the wiggly kind that you can find in most any craft department. I glued them on also. Now the puppet is ready to tell whatever story that child who received it wants. Maybe it will tell another child about Jesus.

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