Monday, April 20, 2015

Skirts for Shoeboxes

Ok, I can see that my blog is slowly shifting to more Operation Christmas Child stuff and less handmade cards. I still love card making and I'm still doing it. After this long, my friends kind of expect it of me so I'll still post handmade cards here as I make them but I can't tell you how often that will be! Like many people, my life has shifted, like my blog. Most of our lives have shifts as we grow and become interested in other new and different things.

For the past couple of years, I've become more and more engrossed with Operation Christmas Child. I've been told by more than one person (including my hubby) that I'm OCD about OCC! I've met others who are also. We are a fun bunch always looking for a good sale or something we can make cheap to put in our shoeboxes. So today, I have something fairly easy and cheap to go in your girl shoeboxes. In a few days, I'll share something for boy boxes.

I am NOT a seamstress! I took 1 semester of homemaking in 8th grade and that's all! But I can make a very simple skirt that goes perfect in a shoebox. I found a size chart for skirts on the internet that I will post at the end of this tutorial. This is going to be a detailed tutorial so if you are already a good seamstress or someone who sews often, then you will probably want to just skip down to the chart. Since I've had several people who've told me that they could not do this, I decided to make it detailed. Believe me, if I can sew it, then it's not really hard to make!

These skirts range in size from a 2T to an 8. These are just a few of the ones that I've made.

You need fabric that is 2 times the waist size and about 2-2.5 inches long than the length to the knee.
You need elastic, thread, scissors, a tape measure and a sewing machine. An iron and/or pins could be helpful also. Most of the fabric that I buy is from the remnant bins or the "spot the bolt" sales. If the fabric costs very much, I don't buy it. I mean this is not for the prom!

I don't pin very much of my fabric. I usually iron down my seams and then sew. This is not the professional way  to do it but, like I said, I'm not a seamstress.


I fold the bottom edge over about 1/4" and iron it down. Then I fold again about another 1/4" and iron down. It can be a little more if you wish, just try to keep it even. Then take it to the sewing machine and sew a straight stitch to hold the hem in place.

2. Next, sew the ends of the fabric together to make one seam.
Press the seam.
3. Now you will need to make the casing for the waist. Again, I fold the fabric over about 1/4" and iron down. Next, I fold it over again about 1" and iron it down. This is one of the few places I use a pin. 
4. Take it to the sewing machine and sew along the bottom edge of the fold. You will want to put the elastic in to the casing in a bit. Start about 1-2" from the seam and sew all the way around the casing until you get back to the seam. You will be leaving an opening here. You can see my finger in the opening.
5. I like to add a pocket when I have the extra fabric. Sometimes I will add a pocket from the same fabric as the skirt but it is usually cuter if the fabric is a coordinating color. Solids work well although small prints work also. A piece of fabric that is about 4 x 6" is needed.

The pocket can be added before or after the elastic. I think it is easier to add it before the elastic.

Iron about 1/4 - 1/2" all the way around the pocket fabric. Pin the pocket in place. Then sew a straight stitch on 3 sides of the fabric. Leave the fabric at the top open.

6. Now we can put the elastic in the casing. Now you will measure the elastic. I take the waist measurement and take off about 2" for the length of the elastic. Push a safety pin into one end of the elastic and close the pin.
Slide the pin into the opening on the casing. Continue pushing the pin and elastic through the casing. Pin the other end of the elastic to the fabric near the casing so that it won't slide all the way into the casing. 

6. When the elastic is all the way around in the casing, pull it out and remove the pin. Line the two ends of elastic together and take to the sewing machine. Sew across the elastic 3-4 times. Then cut off the extra elastic, leaving a bit beyond the seam.
Next, sew the opening on the casing closed.

I got the chart off of a pinterest post but I don't know which one. Sorry about that.

Size                       waist size                          skirt length to knee
6-12 mos                    16 in                                        7 in
12-18 mos                   16.5                                        8
18-24 mos                   17                                           9
2 T                             18                                          10
3 T                             19                                          11
4 T                             20                                          12
5 T                             21                                          13
6                                22                                          14
7                                22.5                                        15.5
8                                23                                           16.5
10                              24                                           17.5
12                              25                                           18.5
14                              26                                            19.5

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