Friday, April 24, 2015

Tool ..Pouch for Shoeboxes

Ok, so today, I'm continuing my shoebox posts. It's always difficult to find things for boys in the 10-14 year group. Plus, we always want to keep expenses down. So here is an expensive tool pouch to make and fill for the boys. The tool pouch and everything in it that you see here cost me $4.34. That fills about 1/2 of the shoebox so there is still room for soap, washcloth, crayons, pencils, toothbrush, candy and a few other small items.

Here's how to do it. The tool pouch was made from overalls that I bought at a garage sale for $1.
I've already made 3 pouches from it and can get at least 2-3 more. Cut a leg to the length you want for the tool pouch. Two seams are already sewed so all I had to do was put a seam at the bottom and a casing at the top. I ran a heavy cord through the casting so the boy can pull it open and closed.
I bought the cord at Wal-Mart in the automotive section. I've used it for lots of pouches and tote bags.
The pouch cost me less that a quarter.

Now the tools. If you have a Harbor Freight in your area be sure to get on their list for coupons or watch you local newspaper for their adds. Last fall they had many of these items as "free, no purchase required." The limit is one per day. This year so far, they have been "free, with any purchase." At first, I wasn't getting any thing but then I got to thinking about it. The free items in this pouch are the tape measure, flashlight and screw driver set. They have never had hammers as free items so last year I bought 10 small hammers there for $2.99 each. What I decided to do was to buy one hammer at a time and get a free item. They also have 20% off coupons which I use with the purchase so I end up getting the hammer for $2.59, including Texas tax. So I get a hammer and a free item every time I go by the store. (Yes, they know me by name lol) I'm getting more hammers than I am other things but I figure that if I end up with not having full tool pouches, at least the boys can have a hammer.

The small crescent wrench is from Dollar Tree for $1. The bungee cords are also from Dollar Tree. They come 6 in a package for $1 so I put 3 in each pouch so I'm only paying $.50 for each kit.
screw drivers -- free
25' tape measure--free
hammer--$2.99-20% plus Texas tax=$2.59
crescent wrench--$1
3 bungee cords--$.50
pouch--about $.25
Total cost for tool kit= $4.34
Not bad and you can still back the rest of the box for under $10.

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