Friday, May 8, 2015

Craft Stick Puzzles

I have been having so much fun searching for things to make for my shoeboxes all over the internet. I've spent lots of time on Pinterest and I found these craft stick puzzles there. These are cute, inexpensive items that go great in your Opereation Christmas Child shoeboxes.
I look everywhere for pictures or images that I can use on these simple puzzles. They can be found on the internet, in craft programs, from magazines and color books, you can even use Christmas cards.

Materials needed:
Craft sticks
Modge Podge type of glue
Brush, sponge brushes work best
Craft knife
Pen or marker

Line up your sticks and check to see that you have enough for the size of your picture. Add or take away stick to have the number needed.
Totally cover the back side of your image with a Modge Podge type of glue.
Place you image on top of the craft sticks and smooth the paper down.
Coat over the image with more of the Modge Podge. Cover it completely going in two directions.
***Note: I used a stipple brush but the best for this is actually one of the sponge brushes.
Give the project at least 1/2 hour to dry, maybe longer.

After it's dried, I flip it over and number the sticks on the back. This is not necessary but I like to do it to help the kids who may not have done puzzles and to help with counting.

I then use a craft knife to separate the craft sticks. I find it easiest to fold each stick forward and them slice them apart. When finished, I put each puzzle in a separate zip lock bag.

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