Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Good Week

It's always a good week when any of my kids are around. This week we got to enjoy Tina and her son, Jonathan. They flew in to Austin last Sat and spent the week here while Jonathan was getting settled in at Baylor. He's excited to have his freshman year underway now!

We are excited too, to have an empty house again for a little while. You might remember that we had Jonathan all last school year and then Chris came & spent the summer with us. Our home seems destined to always have kids around! Anyway, Chris has gone back to UMHB in Belton; Jonathan is at Baylor and Tina is back with her family in GA. I would have liked to have seen Tina's others but Matt couldn't get the time off, Tina didn't want to drive that distance as the only driver and they couldn't afford plane tickets for 4. Maybe we'll get to see the other 2 dgks soon.

Here is a funny sketch from Tim Hawkins, one of Jonathan's favorites. I kind of like him too.

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