Monday, August 13, 2012

Making Knots & Bows for Cards

To make knots from ribbon 5/8" wide that will wrap completly around the card, measure 15" of ribbon. Wrap around card and tie, left over right, then right over left. To wrap around the card front and stick to the back(this will be covered with your card base), measure 12". 1.)Tie around the top of a Stampin' Mist container or similiar container. This is a 2 oz/60ml container. 2.) Slide off. 3.) Cut in the center of the loop. 4.) Adhere your bow/knot to the card with adhesive. Wrap ends around to the back. Length of ribbon will be adjusted somewhat with the width of the ribbon.





Simple "bunny ears" bow for a card. Cut a piece of ribbon 12." Lay it out flat. 5.) Place two fingers on each side of middle of ribbon and 6.) pull together to form "bunny ears." 7.) Tie bunny ears together and 8.) adjust as needed.





For nicer bows that go around the card, measure 2 1/2 times around the length of the card with the ribbon. Place tails even. Wrap left over right and flatten. Make sure it's straight/not twisted. Make a bunny ear in your right hand. With your left hand bring the ribbon up, over and through. Adjust as needed.

once around
twice around
half around

finished bow

I know this is not as good as an actual video but you can take it step by step here. I hope you found a couple tips to help you make better bows.
A special thanks to my sweetie, David, for taking pictures for me. Sometimes, he is more than my right hand, he's my third hand. Love him!

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