Wednesday, June 17, 2015

More Pictures of Tanzania

The past couple of weeks, since I've been home, have been wild! I went to the doctor on Monday morning, June 8 with what I thought was a respiratory infection, like I used to get all the time when I was still in the classroom. I was waiting on lab work when I almost passed out. Everyone seemed to go crazy. They said they had a place I could lie down until my turn for my labs. That sounded good to me. Well, they called for a doctor who called 911 for an ambulance. I would have thought that I was at a place where they could take care of a 911 call. They took me to the ER, where I spent most of the day before they decided to admit me to the hospital for observation. They kept me 24 hours & released me. The next day they called to tell me that I had influenza B and gave me a prescription for tamiflu. What I figured out was that when I said that yes, I had been to Africa in the past 21 days, they went crazy. I know, it's better to be safe than sorry but if they had just treated me for what I went to see a doctor about in the first place, it all would have been Ok. Well, the flu can make you feel pretty rotten for a while but I'm doing much better now. I'm reasonably sure that I picked it up on the 20 hour plane ride and I could have even gotten it at Wal-Mart!

OK, here are some more pictures of the trip.

Every place we went the children sang for us. These boys really put on a good show! 

After the shoeboxes had been handed out and the programs were over, there was lots of music playing, either from local musicians or from a cd player. Calvin had the microphone and was singing and dancing with the music. He asked me to dance with him and he sang to me. It was in Swalli so I don't know what the words were but it was fun and happy. I danced with him even though I have no rhythm and on my part didn't really look like any dance but we were all having fun in the Lord.

I asked this young lady what her favorite thing in her shoebox was.She is holding up a cross necklace that she was very proud of.
All of the children were so cute!

I took these pictures from the second floor of one of the churches. This is considered a middle class neighborhood. Very different than a middle class neighborhood you would find here in the US.

This is looking at one of The Greatest Journey books in the class that we watched. The children were here learning on a Saturday. They were all very well behaved.

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