Friday, June 5, 2015

Shoebox Distribution trip to Tanzania

I got home Wednesday evening after flying for a total of 20 hours! This was an amazing trip. We went to 6 different churches with 5 distributions of shoeboxes and one The Greatest Journey lesson. The children were beautiful! I fell in love with Tanzania. Here are a few pictures of the trip. You will see that the girls all have shaved heads. I asked about that and was told the the schools required it. It did make it a little hard to tell the girls from the boys when we handed out the boxes.

Perhaps later, I'll be able to most more pictures!

I've had people ask me about things like stocking caps and gloves before. They are concerned that they will go to a hot country and not be used. Well, Tanzania is on the equator and the kids loved the caps that they got! It's all relative. Some of the children were cold and wearing sweaters. They had recently had a "cold" spell where the temps got down in the lower 80's. They were cold because they were not used to that.
One of this boy's gifts was a remote control car. The giver even added plenty of extra batteries. I was very difficult to get it out of the box. I tried the best that I could but the box had the car attached with screws on the bottom. No one had a screw driver. I just hope that he was able to find one after he left because we were not able to get it out that day. Please, watch how your gifts are packaged. If the gift is in original packaging, please check to see if it can be taken out. The items in the shoebox do not have to be in original packaging. Please be sure the children can get the toy out to play with. Boxes and plastic packages are not necessary.

They were all amazed at the gifts in their boxes. This boy is showing off the flashlight that he found in his box.

They wear uniforms to school. Some of them were a bit ragged. The schools let the children have some time out to come get a shoebox.

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