Sunday, December 9, 2012


As I am typing this it is actually Dec 6 & i'm typing with only my left hand. Please forgive any errors that you find today. This is difficult to do, but i wanted to give you a real time update. I still have a large amt of pain with this but i have been able to start going longer between pain meds. When the drs went in to do the surgery, they found a lot more damage than was expected. While we were on vacation, I had a pretty bad fall into a bathtub & i think that's probably where the extra damage cam from. There was a second tear plus the tendons were pulled away from the bone on each side of the joint. But I am making progress, one day at a time. my hyper personality is having trouble dealing with the healing process. God says slow down & i say ok, but let me get these 6 doz thins done first.

My grandson, Triston, graduated basic training Fri, Dec 7. He is now one of the few, the proud. He's a Marine. I'm proud of him. He has what it takes to be a US Marine! An American hero!

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