Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday-Save a Place for Me

I might have said it before but 2013 has really started out to be a crazy year. I am determined that it WILL be better. My brother-in-law passed away yesterday. He would have been 77 on March 10. He has been battling cancer for several years. Bobby was never married and had no children. His only family at this point was my husband, David  his brother, and his two sisters, Peggy and Joyce. They decided his best option was a skilled nursing home about a month ago. This past week he was doing very badly. His body was starting to shut done and it became clear that he was facing the end. I sat with David & a sister several days while we waited for the end. No one wanted him to be alone when he died and he wasn't. There were 8 family members there when the end came so he left this world surrounded by love. He met their mother in heaven waiting for him with open arms. Bobby is no longer in pain and is now in peace with the Lord.

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