Monday, March 4, 2013

Carrot Basket


Orange cardstock


Scrap paper

A Little Bit of Spring stamp set (#126011)

Classic ink

1. Trace the cone shape onto the orange cardstock. Cut out.

2. Stamp decorations on the outside of the cone cutout.

3. Wrap the paper into the cone shape. Glue the edge together and press along the edge.

4. Cut out 1 piece of orange cardstock to measure 1 x 10”. Stamp decorations on it.

5. Use a circle hole punch to punch holes into each end of the paper strip and 2 sides of the cone. Place brads through to hold the handle in place.

6. Cut pieces of scrap paper about 1/8” wide. Crumple to use as filler inside carrot or buy commercial Easter “grass” for filler.

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