Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Judy's List of What to Pack in a Shoebox

You can find lists for shoeboxes in lots of places so this is just one more. This is also my opinion of what you should pack in a shoebox, Some people may disagree with me and that's ok. The following lists are what I have found in packing shoeboxes for 15 years and in working as a year round volunteer for the past 4 years.

You can pack shoeboxes for a boy or a girl in these age groups:
2-4 years old;
5-9 years old;
10-14 years old.
Yes, it is true that more people pack boxes for girls than boys and more pack for the 5-9 age group than the others. You can pack for whomever you feel God is leading you to pack for.

This girl is carrying her box and boxes for her siblings.

I feel there are 6 groups or types of items that should go in every shoebox. Those are
school supplies,
hygiene items,
clothes, and
other or misc.
I think that it is good to have something from every category in your shoebox. I do this with mine.
School supplies
In many countries, you can not attend school if you do not have your own school supplies.
Composition or spiral notebooks
pencils, sharpeners, erasers
glue sticks
solar calculators for older children
color books for younger children
Hygiene items
Many children in poor countries do NOT have these basic items or they share one with the entire family.
tooth paste
comb and/or brush
Hard candy
Tootsie rolls (no chocolate. Tootsie rolls are not chocolate.)
Tootsie pops
Jump ropes
Balls (kids everywhere love balls)
Stuffed animal (something to cuddle)
Whistles/noise makers
Play doh?? This is something to think about. Often children do not know what play doh is. I had one little girl who wanted to eat it. I was trying to show her how to form it into an animal and she kept opening her mouth. Play doh is non-toxic so it won't hurt them if they do eat it but it won't taste good either. It is also great to work on imagination. I will let you be the judge on whether to pack it or not.
If you pay attention to the sizes and pack according to the age range that are listed, you can come pretty close to items that will fit.
caps/hats/stocking caps
flip flops
underwear (age appropriate, please)
NO CAMO of any color...Even pink camo could be used to identify terrorist groups and we don't want the children to be mistaken for that.
Other items
hair ribbons, bows, barrettes, clips, etc
Older boys
tape measure
screw driver
bungee cords
fishing kits
Older girls
sewing kits
clothes line & pins
1 or 2 yards of fabric

Check back in a few days for dos and don'ts and for how to not break the bank.

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