Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Think Outside the Shoe Box

Just a quick tips today for items for Operation Chirstmas Child shoeboxes.

Just let you brain go wild when you are looking in the clearance aisle for your stores. I recently found some tins with 2 decks of cards in each one for $2 each. The tins and cards were decorated for Doc McStuffins and Pet Patrol. My first thought for $1 for each deck. Then I got to thinking about what to do with the tins. They are a great size for pencil boxes.

I used some of the chalk board paint left over from the chalkboards I showed you on Monday's post to paint the top of each box. I painted the bottom of each box green but any color will do. I had some green paint at the house. I had to do 2 coats on the top and bottom. After the dry, they are perfect to put pencils, erasers, chalk and other items in! So for $2, I got items for 3 shoeboxes which averaged out to about 66 cents for each item. This would also be good to put Legos in, a sewing kit, a fishing kit, or many more things in.

As you are shopping for things to go in shoeboxes, don't be afraid to repurpose things for them. A little paint or fabric can turn a throw away into a WOW for your boxes. Remember, don't put a throw away item that still looks like a throw away into the shoeboxes. Be sure to take some time to make it into something new and great.

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