Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cute Caterpillar

Here's an easy and cute caterpillar that you can make to go in shoeboxes. Boys and girls will like this one!

I actually saw these on a Pinterest post but they didn't have the antenna or the eyes. I think they are much cuter with them.

Materials needed:
Hot glue gun & glue
Various colored pom poms
Chenille stems, brown or green
Wooden clothes pins
Wiggly eyes, tiny

1. Start with a clothes pin and a 3" chenille stem. Bend the stem in half in a v shape. Place a glob of glue on the end of the clothes pin and place the point of the V into the glue.

2. Put another glob of glue over the fold of the stem. Place a pom pom the color of your choice in the center of the glued stem.

3. Place a strip of glue down the center of the remainder of the clothes pin. Add 3 more pom poms of any color on top of the glue.

4. Add two wiggly eyes to the first pom pom. Use tweezers to pick up an eye. Put a tiny dab of glue on the back side and place in on the front of the first pom pom. Do the same to a second eye. You do not have to use tweezers but it really helps to prevent burning fingers.

This makes a fun caterpillar to put in boy and girl shoeboxes of the bottom two ages. 

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