Saturday, September 12, 2015

Make a Pouch for Marbles

What little boy doesn't like marbles? Well, these days, our boys in the US may like video games more but I remember when I was little, one of my brother's favorite things was to play with marbles. I think that marbles is a great item to put in your shoe boxes for the middle and older boys. If you're going to put some marbles in your box, why not make a pouch to put them in? Most marbles come in one of those net or mesh bags that really isn't any good to hold things after it's been opened. You could put them in a zip lock, but I don't think that will last a long time with daily play so I made some simple pouches from felt to be marble bags.

These are really very simple to make. 
Materials needed:
12 x 9 " sheets of felt or fabric
sewing machine
Marbles to fill them with

1. Felt comes either by the yard or by the sheet. I find it easier to work with the sheets of felt although if you plan on making a lot, it might be cheaper to buy it by the yard.
On your 12 x 9" piece of felt, fold down one end about 1 1/2 to 2". Sew a straight line to secure the folded section and make a casing. 

2. If you are going to decorate the pouch, you will want to sew the decorations on before you sew the seams together. I used my Big Shot and some Sizzix dies I have had for years to cut out the stars. You can free hand cut designs or use appliques, if you want.
3. Next, fold your felt together so that the right sides are together. Sew a seam across the bottom and up the side to about 1" from the top. You will want to leave an opening to thread your cord through.

4. Turn this to the outside. Cut a piece of cord twice the width of the pouch and about 4' extra. Thread it through to the end.
5. Fill the pouch with marbles,

6. If you don't wish to do the casing or your felt is not a full sheet, you can wrap the cord around the top and tie. I think the casing is better because the cord won't get lost as easily but it's up to you how you want to do it.
Have fun and pack more shoe boxes. Every shoe box is an opportunity for a child to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

For more information about Operation Christmas Child click here. Then go to the Operation Christmas Child link. National Collection Week will be here soon. It's the third week in November.

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