Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Zentangle Card

I do enjoy learning new techniques and mediums and I enjoy mixing them. Today, I'm going to show you how I used a zentangle design as a background on a sympathy card. I'll also show you some of the steps in making the card.

 Materials needed:
Drawing paper
Black markers, fine point
Black card stock 4 1/4 x 5 1/2"
White card stock 4 x 5 1/4"
White satin ribbon
Teeny Tiny Wishes stamp set
Word Window punch
Black ink

 Complete your zentangle design on drawing paper that measures about 3 x 4" in size. Adhere the zentangle design on the white card stock. Layer that on the black card stock. Wrap a ribbon around the card front and tie in a bow. Stamp a greeting on white card stock. Punch out with the Word Window punch and adhere to the top right of the card.

1. To make this zentangle design and others like it, I like to start with a basic design. For this one, I started with a hand drawn butterfly. You can hand draw your basic design or find a stamp that you like to use for the design.
2. Add more lines to give you areas that you will be able to fill in with design.

 Here, I doubled the outside line and added a division on the wings. You can add any lines that you like to do this. You just need to be sure you have areas to fill in.
3. Create a design to fill in the area. Blocks and triangles are easy to do. Geometical designs work well.
4. After you have drawn a design on a section, color every other block. Most of these that I've seen use black and white but I have seen some using colors.
Complete this pattern.
5. Go on to the next section that you want to do. Doing a variety of patterns and designs makes your project more interesting. On this next section, I did triangles. I totally messed up this part so I covered it up and went to the other side to demostrate this.

Draw straight lines across the area. Don't worry about using a ruler since these do not have to be perfectly straight. After you have the straight lines, then draw triangles on each line.

 When you have finished the triangles, fill them in with more straight lines on every other triangle.

 You can then fill in the empty triangles with black or leave them white.
Other patterns you can do are to create curved lines following the shape of the butterfly. Then color in every other section with black or another color.
Another pattern could be to create a line grid in a section. Then make large black dots at each intersection of squares.
Look around on the internet for different patterns you might like to use. You can also pull patterns from the world around you. You might see a pattern that you like in a garden or in a building. This is your art work, so it's totally up to you as to what patterned you want to use. The main thing, from what I understand, is to create patterns with alternating colors and designs. You can then add your zentangle to a card, scrapbook page, or frame it and place it on your desk.

Just have fun creating!


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