Sunday, September 9, 2012

A New Sunday

Here's an update on how I'm doing. Last week end, when I hit the lower doses of predisone, I broke out again. I was really hesistant to call the dr because I didn't want to go back on the predisone again. It made me feel so awful! Google predisone side effects & you can see the long list. I had most of them! Well, I finally decided to call the dr & I told him right away that I didn't want predisone again, if it could be avoided. He put me on high doses of 2 OTC antihestimines. I've been on them almost a week now & the rash/hives are now completely gone. I have to call him tomorrow as he wants to know what's happened with it. I'll ask him how much longer I have to take the antihistmines. Hopefully, I can get off the them soon & the rash/hives will not come back! I'm praying for that anyway!

Click on the link below to read some funny signs. Be sure you have your speaker turned on for the music.

Remember Jason Castro, from American Idol, a few seasons ago. I has some wonderful Christ center songs out there. I may put another one on next weekend. Come back to see.

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