Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fixing Mistakes

It is so easy to make a mistake, a goof, a mess when you are paper crafting. If you're working with digital, all you do is hit the Undo button and start over. With paper crafting, there isn't an Undo button. But there are as many ways to fix a mistake as there are mistakes that you might make. Now, how would I know anything about fixing mistakes? Ha Ha!! It's obvious! It's because I'm human just like you and I make plenty of mistakes. I just don't show them to you!

Here are a couple of ideas that might help you in the future.

Have you ever stamped your image on cardstock that you've already used pieces of? You want your paper to go as far as possible so you try to get the most of every little piece. So I stamped a doily on cardstock that I had already stamped several images on and cut them out. When I went to punch it out with my circle punch, I was too close to where I had already cut out other images.
You can see that this isn't quite a circle. One part has a straight line and another part has a niche cut out of it. This could really make the whole card look bad. I don't want to go back and cut close to the actual image and I don't want to start over or throw this piece away. The fix is to place one part sticking off the card so that you will trim this off. You place another image or ribbon overlapping the other part. No one can see the mistakes and they won't know unless you tell them!

Now, I made this card several weeks ago and had it leaning against my embellishment drawers in my craft room. While we do have a/c in our house, this is the hottest room of the house. I had several days when I had other things I HAD to do and didn't get in to do any crafting. I assume that the adhesive melted slightly because the whole center piece had slid on top of the ribbon. It was much worse than in this picture but I tried to fix it before I took the picture. It seems logical to me that the green scalloped square would have been in the middle but the butterfly had wings trimmed off where they stuck out over the edge of the card. Any way, even though I've got it bad where it must have been, the whole card now looks lop-sided. I really don't like all the empty red space. There are times that empty space looks good and has a purpose but this just doesn't seem to be one of them.

So what am going to do? Add more ribbon! By adding another piece of the stitched ribbon to the left side of the card, it looks like it was planned that way.

There are so many things you can do to fix a mistake. All you have to do is use your imagination!

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