Saturday, July 28, 2012

What is my blog?

This blog is in a constant state of transition. I would like to have the world's greatest blog but I am limited by both my personal knowledge and time. To begin with, I don't have the know-how or the equipment to do videos so that limit's me some as far as greatness goes. lol I do realize that there are many different types of learners and paper crafters. Some learn better with videos and some learn better with step-by-step instructions. I'm generally the step-by-step person. There have been times I have done lots of the step-by-step stuff & times I've just listed my materials. I'm sure I will continue to do this. I will try, whenever possible, with the more difficult projects to do the step-by-step method. With other items, I'll just list materials. Let me know if you have a perference.

Also, there is the idea that a daily blog is best. I've tried to do this at times but the fact is that I have a life away from my crafting and I simply do not always have the time or the ideas to do a blog every day. There will come other times when I do a daily blog but I don't guarantee how often. It will be here when it's here. I hope that none of this turns you off and that you will continue to check by as often as you can.

Much to my sorrow, I've had to pull out of the mission trip that I had planned and worked so much for. The trip is still going on and will still glorify God but I will not be going. I have had an extremely allergic reaction to a medication and have been terribley ill for the past week. I am improving and hopefully, it won't be real long until I'm back to whatever normal is. In the meantime, I know that God is still in control and He has a plan. I just don't know exactly where I fit in His plan but He will let me know when His time is right.

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