Sunday, October 13, 2013

Foot problems

I've been having lots of trouble with my foot lately. I blame it on 25 years in the classroom. I was not the kind of teacher who sat down all day. My hubby tells me that I'm still hyperactive! After the doctor took pictures, he said that I have tendons and ligaments that are stretched and inflamed. In other words, it hurts when I have to stand or walk for very long. I had to wear a boot for 3 weeks but that didn't help at all. The doctor decided to put me in a cast so that I could have no flexibility at all. He didn't want me moving my foot. This picture shows the creative work the tech did on my first cast. The dr. wanted my cast changed every week. When I went back for cast #3, I had a huge sore or ulcer on the back of my heal. It was 20cm by 8cm. My whole foot was very swollen also, even up to above my ankle. They couldn't treat that in a cast so back in the boot I went. The swelling scared me a bit so I've tried to  keep it propped up and put ice on it.

That was a week ago. I went back Friday for the dr to look at it. The sore is healing but slowly and the swelling is down a lot. He put a miracle medicine on it called Prisma. I am to leave the bandage on for 2 full days. Then I change it and put more medicine on it. Repeat until I see the dr. again this coming Thursday. I asked him if we would go back to a cast then or what but he just said that we will have to wait and see.

It's kind of hard to sit at my craft table when I'm trying to keep my foot up so I hope that I don't get behind on my cards and blog. So far, so good. The dr. said that if this does not take care of my foot problem, the next step would be surgery. I DO NOT WANT SURGERY! I had surgery on my rotator cuff last Nov. I will not have another surgery right before the holidays so if it comes to that, I will wait until Jan. I am praying that it doesn't come to that! I am not a good patient! My dear, sweet husband can attest to that!

Hope you have a great Sunday. Worship in the church of your choice.

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