Monday, October 7, 2013

Christmas Gift Box

I have a few people who I give handmade greeting cards to each year at Christmas. This year I made some sets of cards to use for the silent auction at our Operation Christmas Child annual kick off luncheon. In the past I've made paper boxes for the sets but I felt like I wanted some sturdier boxes for the auction. I decided to decorate some of the small shirt gift boxes that you can find at almost any store.

Materials needed:
1 Shirt gift box for each set, these were 7 7/8 x 10 3/4 x 1 3/4"
       make sure that the lid fits on top of the bottom easily
1 12 x 12 " sheet of heavy patterned paper for each box, I used paper from Be of Good Cheer (#126896) for the Christmas cards and from Kaleidoscope (#115680) for the All Occasion cards.
1" Rose Red Grosgrain Ribbon (111846) for the all occasion
1" of a beige ribbon for the Christmas
1/4" Grosgrain ribbon, Daffodil Delight (#120928) for the all occasion, Real Red (#109034) for the Christmas set
Simply Scored Scoring Tool (#122334)

1. Score the patterned paper at 1" on the ends and at 4" on the sides. Also score the sides at 2". Fold the scored lines.
2. Add adhesive to all sections of the scored paper. Add extra adhesive to the center. Place the lid of the box carefully in the center of the paper and fold the paper around the edges. The long sides will fold into the inside part of the box at the 2" score lines. The shorter sides will not be completely covered to the edge.

3. Cut 40" of the 1" and the 1/4" ribbon. Place adhesive on the back of the 1" ribbon and then press it around the entire edge of the box. Line the ribbon up with the bottom edge of the lid. Leave the end loose for the time being.
4. Place adhesive on the back of the 1/4" ribbon. Press it in the center of the 1" ribbon that you've put on the box. I tried putting the 1/4" ribbon on the 1" ribbon before putting it on the box and made a big mess, so I think this way works better. At least it did for me.
5. To finish out the end of the ribbon, wrap the 1/4" ribbon behind the 1" ribbon. Fold both of them together. Add some adhesive to the folded edge and press down against the box.
6. The boxes that I found were white so I chose not to decorate the bottom of the box.
I placed a sheet of white tissue paper on the bottom of the box and used another sheet crumbled up on the side to prevent the cards from slipping.
7. I cut a piece of 12" scrap paper 1 1/2" wide and wrapped it around the cards. I added a piece of tape to hold this together. When you give a gift of cards, be sure to include envelopes that fit. It's always a nice added touch to stamp the corner or the back flap of the envelopes with a stamp from the sets that you used to make the cards. This gives it a nice look to the envelopes.

The paper that you see on the bottom left hand corner of the boxes is not needed for a gift box. I added a description of the contents since these were for a charity silent auction. 

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