Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tri-fold Popped Balloons

I hope everyone is having a wonderful new year and you've gotten a great start to 2014. I pray that it will be a wondrous year for everyone.  Here in Texas we all make sure that we eat our black-eyed peas on New Year's Day for good luck. You get one day of good luck for each pea you eat, or at least, that's what everyone tells me. I've never been too crazy about black-eyed peas so I usually don't eat too many of them. It hasn't seemed to effect me one way or the other as far as my luck goes! I just look at Jeremiah 29:11 and know that God already has everything planned for me so I don't depend on luck! I do hope that you all have a glorious 2014!

Ok, here is a little more complicated card but I know you can do it. It is using the same pop-up technique that I used to use with my second graders. We would make 2 or 3 pop up books each year to help increase learning about different topics. So, if my second graders could do it, I know that you can too.
This is the card laying flat.
Here it is standing up. You can see the balloons "flying" in the sky.
(***I am no longer a Stampin' Up! demonstrator which means that I can use anything that I want on my blog. Previously, I could not name any brand item other than SU! in my blog. I will continue to give you the SU! item numbers when appropiate. I will also try to give you other brand info on the items that I use. It is not unusual, when I dig into my paper stash, that I will have papers that have been with me a while and I may not know where it actually came from.)

Materials needed:
Best of Birthdays stamp set (#132929)
Teeny Tiny Wishes stamp set (#
Patterned Pack II patterned paper (#114325)
Other patterned paper (I think this is a Doodle Bug design that I used here.)
Coastal Cabana card stock
white card stock 5 1/2 x 8 1/2"
1/2" Circle punch (#119869)
1" Circle punch  (#119868)
Modern Label punch (#119849)
Stampin' Trimmer with scoring blade (#126889)
Rose Red marker
Primrose Petals ink
embroidery floss

1. Cut 2 pieces of patterned paper to measure 3 x 5 1/2". Cut one piece for the front of card to measure 3 1/4 x 5 1/2". Lay aside.
2. Use the trimmer with a scoring blade to score the white card stock 3" from each end. Fold on the score lines so that it opens as a tri-fold card.

3. Turn your folded white card stock so that you are working on the outside of the second fold. Measure and mark with a pencil from the top at 1", 1 1/2", 1 3/4", and 2 1/4". Cut on the first 2 measurements 1/2" into the card, cutting both folds. Cut on the 3rd & 4th measurements 1/4" into the card, cutting both folds.
4. Fold the cut tabs back and forth 2 or 3 times.
5. Using a finger, poke the folds to the inside of the card.

 The top tab fold will stick out 1/2" and the bottom one will stick out 1/4".
6. Cut 2 Coastal Cabana card stock pieces to measure 1/2" x 2". Place a small amount of adhesive on the top side of the tabs. Lay and press the Coastal Cabana card stock pieces onto the tabs.
7. Turn the patterned paper that you will use for this part onto the back side. Measure and cut out the pieces of paper to match the tabs.
Lay the paper to fit on this section of the card. Then add adhesive to it to stick to the card.
8. Cut two 1" circles and three 1/2" circles from patterned paper.Cut 5 pieces of floss 2 to 3" each for balloon strings. Add adhesive to the back of a circle. Fold the floss so that 1/4 to 1/2" of floss hangs down and stick it to the adhesive on the back of the circle. Adhere two of the 1" circles to the front (1/2") tab and 3 of the 1/2" circles to the back (1/4") tab. Allow the floss to hang loose. Using the smaller circles on the bottom tab will give it the look of being farther away.

9. Adhere the other 3" piece of patterned paper on the back of the card to cover up the cut out tab sections. Not only will this look better, I will give the tabs more strength.
10. Adhere the 3 1/4" piece of patterned paper to the front of the card, lining the right edge up with the fold. This makes your card look a little wider and more balanced. Punch two 1" circles and one 1/2" circle to use for balloons on the front of the card. If one of the balloons on the tabs is sticking out, you can place a balloon on the front overlapping the inside balloon. Do some pen work to give the balloons dimension and to make the "strings" on the balloons on the front of the card.
11. Stamp the "celebrate" greeting from Best of Birthdays stamp set with Primrose Petals ink on Coastal Cabana card stock. Punch it out with the Modern Label punch. Adhere it to the front of the card with about 1/4" overlapping the front edge.
12. Stamp a slice of birthday cake from Best of Birthdays and a greeting from Teeny Tiny Wishes in Primrose Petals ink on the inside, center section of the card.
This card will fit in a standard invitation sized envelope. Have fun and let the balloons fly to wish your friends a happy birthday in the new year.


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