Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SU! has reformatted their ink pads

Yes, SU! still has the same gorgeous colors that they've had for the past year plus the new In Colors but all in a reformatted ink pad. They look almost the same as the old ink pads.
To begin with, they come with color labels in 4 languages, which are the countries where they are sold. You peel the color name in your language off and stick it to the edge of the stamp pad.
Now instead of just a color swatch, you have the name of the color on there. This seems like it will be much easier to pick out the color that you want. Instead of trying to decide if that one is Island Indigo or Pacific Point, the label tell you right there.
The ink pad on the right is the old style in Cherry Cobbler. The pad on the left is the new style in Raspberry Ripple. The new style pad is made of a foam material that is softer than the older pad. The old pads are still very good and certainly still usable so don't throw them away. The new pad requires a softer or lighter touch with you ink your stamps.

I don't know about you, but I've had a tendancy to really smash my stamps into the pad to get plenty of ink on my stamp. With the new pads, if you do that hard smash, you will have a lot more ink on your stamp. As you can see here, it's all over the edge also. Be sure to turn your stamp over to check it before you stamp your image.

You can take a moist paper towel and wipe the excess off the edge and then stamp. In this last picture you can see the difference in stamping with a "smash pad" and stamping with a light touch.
The image on the left was stamped after pressing hard into the pad and wiping the extra off the edges. The image on the right was stamped after a light touch on the pad. IMO, the image on the right gives you a better look with more detail. The new stamp pads are super great but they might take just a bit of getting used to.

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