Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ways to Use Ribbon

These are all ways that you can use ribbon on your cards and/or scrapbook pages. I hope that these ideas will spark your imagination.

1. Tie a bow around your cards
2. Glue a strip acoss your card, horizontally or vertically
3. Outline shapes
4. As a road to stamp cars, trucks, etc on
5. As curtains on a window of a stamped house
6. To make a komono on a paper doll
7. To make a V accent from a small piece

         Adhere it with either a staple or glue dots

8. To decorate a box on your page like a gift
9. Make ribbon flowers
10. To go around a picture as a frame
11. To use in iris folding instead of strips of paper
12. On a balloon as the string

13. To "hang" pictures on a scrapbook page
14. As stems for flowers
15. Tie on a journaling tag
16. Make a clothesline
17. Tie around a snowman's neck like a scarf
18. As a trailer behind a truck

19. For a ruffle on a clown's hat or costume
20. To make photo corners
21. As candles

22. Add to a scallop circle for an award

23. Stripes on a flag
24. Lines for journal words
25. Handles on a purse
26. As a pull tab for hidden journaling

I love to use ribbon on my cards and scrapbook pages. Hope this gives you some ideas!

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