Sunday, April 8, 2012

How cute can you be?

Our baby bird has his mouth open ready for the worms...well, how about mixed veggies! A couple of days ago my dd brought her first grandchild to visit me. Ayden is almost 6 mos old now & is my first great-grandchild. Of course, we think he's adoreable! Mommy forgot to put bibs in the diaper bag so we wrapped a dish towel around him.

Here he is with great-grandpa. My hubby loves babies! He always has, anybody's babies.

This is my daughter feeding our precious Ayden. He belongs to her middle son, my grandson.
Hope you enjoyed a peek at the ones I love!

I also wish you a wonderful Easter. Easter is about new life and that's part of why I shared our new little life with you. Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay for our sins. He arose on the third day to give those who love Him new life. If you know my Lord, then I'll meet you in heaven whether I ever meet you here on earth or not. Have a blessed Easter.


  1. I just love your trinket box. I love cardmaking, but am a "newbie" to it and even this box is too advanced for me to do now. I saw this first on Dawn's Stamping Thoughts and wanted to look at your instructions. Do you have "video tutorials"...I can learn the techniques by watching videos faster than by reading the "recipe"...anyway, loved reading about your family too. God Bless and Happy Easter.


    1. Vickie,
      Thanks for the comments. I haven't started with the video instructions yet. I would have to get my son or grandson to do that for me. I don't think I've got that ability!lol I understand how many people like to be able to "see" how to do it but I find the instructions important too. I like to be able to look to see what to do next. Hope you'll come back to check out my cards. I have some on here that are fairly easy for beginners.