Saturday, April 28, 2012

Paper flowers

I do enjoy dimensional things on my cards. Yes, often that will increase the postage or even require a special envelope for mailing, but it can be worth it. These kind can also be hand delivered, if desired. Before my friend passed away after suffering with cancer for 3 years, it was definitely worth spending a few extra bucks to send her a special dimensional card.

Here is what we are aiming for today.  The first picture is taken from the top. The second shows a side view so you can see the dimension.

Because you use a liquid glue, you have to allow time for drying for these flowers before you adhere them to your card. I usually allow 24 hours to dry. I suppose that you could make these with hot glue but I get burned using hot glue with large items. I'm a bit scared to try hot glue on these small flowers but that is up to you.

 For this project, all you need is your choice of colored cardstock or patterned paper. I used paper from the Brights collection from SU!, your SU! circle Scallop (#119854) punch, scissors, liquid glue and a toothpick. If you have some reverse tweezers, they are helpful but not required.

1. Punch 5 Scallop Circles. Cut the first one to the center of the circle.
2. For the second one, cut to the center, like you did with the first circle.  Then count 2 scallops and cut to the center again, like you see in the picture.

3. For the third petal, cut to the center, then count 4 scallops and cut.

4. The next petal, cut and then count 6 scallops and cut.

5.  The last scallop circle, cut in half. You can discard the extra pieces that you have cut away or save them for another project.

6. Using the liquid glue, pour glue onto the first two scallops next to the cut. Pull the paper at the cut so that it overlaps the scallop and press on to the glue. Hold for a few seconds to dry slightly. This is where the reverse tweezers are helpful if you have them.

7. Continue gluing and overlapping on each of the circles. They will get progressively smaller.

8. The last one when you use the half scallop circle, you will want to roll up tight and put glue near the end of the rolled petal. This will go in the very center of the flower.
9. Using a toothpick, roll the scallops/petals backward on each flower part.

10. Start with the largest petal. Pour a large amount of liquid glue into the center of the flower.

11. Place the second largest flower into the pool of glue. Hold for a few seconds. It will not be dry, but it should be fairly secure.
 12. Repeat this step with each petal until you get to the very center petal. This is the one that you rolled tight. You will need to snip off about 1/3 of the bottom of this petal at an upward angle. Place this into the center of the flower into a pool of glue.
Your finished flower should look something like this. You will need to set it aside to dry completely. You may want to make more of these right now so you will have several for your planned project. They can be added to your project tomorrow, after they have had time to dry.

I don't know what kind of flower to call this, maybe a carnation, but I do think they are pretty.

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