Tuesday, April 24, 2012

50 Ways to Use Brads

I absolutely love brads! I use them often on my cards and on my scrapbook pages. These days you can find brads in many different shapes and sizes, from candles to butterflies and from mini to giant! Sometimes it's hard to think of ways to use items we haven't used a great deal before, but the ways to use brads are almost unending.
SU! has been coming up with some beautiful brads in the past several months. Check out your current catalog or mini or the new catalog that will be out June 1 this year.
 Here are just a few that I've come up with. Any of these can be used on cards on scrapbook los.

50 Ways to Use Brads
1. to anchor a greeting on the card front
2. use as an eye for an animal or character

3. make a decorative line with brads
4. for a corner accent
5. as a flower center
6. to make the body of a butterfly
7. as spots on a ladybug
8. to attach vellum to your card
9. as knob pulls on a chest

10. as windows for a house
11. as a door knob
12. wheels on a car
13. for balloons with a string hanging down
14. to hang tags on a clothesline
15. as bubbles
16. as clouds in the sky
17. the bell clapper on a bell
18. Christmas ornaments
19. a dog's nose
20. to look like they are spilling out of a box or other object
21. buttons for a snowman
22. ear rings
23. buttons on clothes on a baby card

24. to outline an item
25. to make a shape, like a star
26. as a clasp on a purse
27. to hang things from
28. to anchor a clothes line
29. to attach layers of cardstock
30. dates on a calendar
31. to attach the center of a snowflake
32. to hold down a paper strip across your card front
33. as sprinkles on a cupcake or ice cream
34. the flame on a candle
35. robot parts

36. smoke from a train or chimney
37. a ring
38. spots on a butterfly
39. a corner accent on a layer or photo
40. Christmas tree topper
41. on the points of a crown
42. to deocrate an Easter egg
43. stars in the night sky
44. the moon or sun
45. to attach a tag
46. a part of a music note
47. nuts
48. the button on top of a grad cap
49. a line for a belt
50. the center of a clock to attach the hands

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