Thursday, April 26, 2012

Letter Stickers

With all the options available these days, I don't use a lot of letter stickers but I do still have quite a few left. After you run out of vowels & the major consonants, how do you make your words for your cards or scrapbook pages? Here are some ways to use those leftover letters to get the letter that you really need. I call them sticker substitutes.

To make a
O--cut the tail off the Q
H--put 2 I's side by side with a leftover piece of sticker for the cross piece
F--cut a leg off an E
E--add a foot to an F
M or W--turn it upside down
P--cut a leg off an R
R--use an extra piece of straight stick to add to a P
V--cut a tail off a Y
T--add extra to the top of an I
B--(a little harder to make it look right) add extra to the middle of a D
I--cut the legs off a K
A--turn over a V and add a cross piece

Hope this will help you use a few more of you letter stickers.

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