Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pop up Brag Book

Who doesn't look a brag book to show off your kids and grandkids? Today, I'm going to show you how to make a cute pop-up brag book that you can show to all your friends. There are a lot of steps to this but it really is not all that hard. I learned how to make pop-up books from a lady named Dinah Zike who used to do workshops for elementary teachers all over the state of Texas. I had my second graders make pop-up books showing the 6 flags over Texas, classifications of animals, and all sorts of different things. Just think, if second graders can do this, you can too! lol

I did the label for "GiGi's Brag Book" on my computer. The rest was done by hand. When you open each page, my great-grandson pops up for you to see.

1. Cut 6 sheets of white paper or cardstock(cardstock stands up longer) to measure 5 1/2 x 8 1/2" each. Score and fold each piece at 4 1/4." 

2. Cut pop up tabs on the folded edge of each piece. Cut one tab if you are using narrow pictures; cut two tabs for wider pictures. For wider pictures, you could cut the tabs at 1-1 1/2" and 4-4 1/2." Cut and fold the tabs as per the detailed instructions on pop ups, click here and here.

3. After you have cut the tabs on all 6 pages, you are ready to begin to put the book together. Doing one page at a time, place adhesive
on three sides of the cardstock, where you see the arrows here. Do NOT put adhesive across the back/top where the cut and folded tabs are.

4. Place page 2 carefully on top of the adhesive. Try to keep your edges as straight as possible for a neat & attractive look.

This shows you how it looks with 2 pages attached to each other. Repeat the process with each page until you have all six pages together.

This is how 6 pages look.

This show you 6 pages from the back side. You can see that all of my pop ups are not exactly even. That is ok. It doesn't hurt anything. When you are finished, no one will be able to tell.

5. Now you are ready for your cover. Cut a piece of patterned paper to measure 5 n3/4 x 9." The patterned paper that I used was from the SU! Summer Smooches Designer Series Paper(#129919). Score and fold this paper at 4 1/2 and 4 3/4."  
6. Cut a piece of ribbon 24" long. I used Real Red 1/4" grosgrain ribbon(#109034). Apply a strip of adhesive to the center of the back side of your paper. Each measure the center or eyeball, whichever way works best for you. Lay your ribbon along the strip of adhesive and press the ribbon in place, leaving excess on each side as you see in the picture.

7. Put adhesive on 3 sides of ONE half of the patterned paper, just like you did when you put the pages together. Do NOT put adhesive along the spine area. The spine needs to be loose so that the pop up tabs can move easily. Place the pages on the adhesive on the back of the cover. Press in place. THEN, you can do the front inside of your book. Put adhesive on 3 sides of the white cardstock. Place the front cover down and press. You should have your ribbon sticking out on both sides of the book in order to tie it closed.

8. Now you are ready to decorate your front cover. I made a butterfly to put on the front of my book. I used the Beautiful Butterflies Bigz die(#114507) to cut my butterflys. The paper is Marina Mist cardstock and a pattern from the Summer Smooches DSP pack. I only put adhesive on one side of the butterfly so that the other side would look like it wanted to fly.

If you wish, you might add more information on the back cover, like you would find on the jacket of a purchased book. The authors picture and about the author is always cute! And remember YOU are the author so be sure to sign your work somewhere!

9. Now for the inside. Place adhesive on the tabs of one page. Press the bottom of your picture against the tabs to secure it. Check it out to make sure it pops up easily. If it sticks some, you may have put too much adhesive or adhesive over the place the photo goes. Simply sprinkle a small amount of baby powder onto to the excess adhesive and shake off. Your photo or picture can not be taller than 3" or it will stick out the top of your book when you fold it. It is best for the width not to be over about 4 3/4."

Do the pages one at a time, checking the folds as you go. Decorate the pages approiately for your theme. I decorated my inside pages with stamps from Animal Stories(#116716), Choo Choo (#113982), Happy Together(#114314), Forest Friends(#113748), Fox & Friends(#118565) and Little Lambs(#120525).  Some of these stamp sets are retired but there are many more super stamps that you can get for your projects. Write information, such as names, places and dates, on the pages to identify your pictures.

Check tomorrow to see the insides of my book!

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