Thursday, May 17, 2012

Inking Basics

We talked about different kinds of ink on Tuesday. Today we will talk about different ways to use inks. You can use these methods with any kind of ink but they are most commonly used with the dye inks.

  1. The simplest way to distress your edges or ink your edges is by the direct to paper method. You simply rub the edge of your paper onto the ink pad. I usually use this method when I am inking straight edges and don't really want a lot of ink on the paper. This is good for highlighting the edge when place on a different background.

2. The next way is to use a sponge dauber. You can currently buy a package of 12 daubers from SU! for $10.95 (102892). They can also be found in various craft stores. A dauber is a plastic cylinder that fits on the end of your finger, much like a thimble does. The dauber has a sponge about 3/4" diameter on the end. I like to use daubers when I want ink on an edge that is not straight.
Tap the end of the dauber on to your ink pad.
Then rub it against your surface.
I used the dauber on the scallop edge in the picture here. IMO, you are better able to get in the curves with a dauber than with the direct to paper method.

3. Another method is to use sponges. You can cut the sponge as small as you would like it to be for your sponging technique. The SU! sponges (#101610) that I use are round and I cut them into quarters.

Rub the sponge onto your ink pad so that the sponge will pick up the color.

Here I started with an image from Field Flowers(#122762) stamp set. I wanted to sponge a frame around the flower so I started with my lightest color which was Bashful Blue. I sponged around the flower. Then I went to Marina Mist classic ink and sponged around the Bashful Blue. It's ok if the colors overlap some. Finally, I used Not Quite Navy ink for my final round.
The flower was stamped in Pacific Point and Old Olive.
This is what I ended up with.

4. You can sponge many methods, ways & items with your inks. In this picture, I've started on a cloudy sky. I cut a couple of freehand clouds and sponged lightly around them with Bashful Blue classic ink.

There are many more things that you can do with your inks, other than just stamping images. Be watching my blog as I add other techniques in the future that will show other ways to use your ink. This is just a beginning! Have fun.

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